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A Gallery of all our Exhibitions. Please click on the image for any Exhibition to go to more information and a Gallery of the work on display.
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Hyde Hall 2022
Ramster 2022
Hyde Hall 2020
Ramster 2019
Hyde Hall 2018
Ramster 2017
Welsh Quilt Centre 2016
Snape Maltings 2016
Hyde Hall 2015
Ramster 2015
Craft Arena 2015
Southwold 2014
Snape Maltings 2013
Ramster 2013
Knitting and Stitching Show 2012
Ramster 2011
Cottenham Textiles in Focus 2011
Hyde Hall 2010
Ramster 2009
Colchester Dickensian Evening 2008
Braintree 2008
Stitch at the Warner Archive 2007
Maeldune Centre Maldon 2007
Ramster 2007
Cottenham Textiles in Focus 2007
Braintree 2006
Lindsell Art Gallery 2005
Braintree 2004
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