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Wendy Greene
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Dazzling Dahlias
Glorious Gladioli
Marvellous Marigolds
Zinging Zinnias
Bluebell Wood
Dog Daisies
Garden on the Hill
Parrot Tulips
Tulip Parrots 2
Gardeners series - 1
Silver Series
Silver Service I
Silver Service II
Losing the Plot to the Dandelions
The Lonely Little Petunia
Coming Up Roses
Cock a Doodle Blue
Fish Supper
Fish Supper (Detail 1)
Fish Supper (Detail 2)
Fish Supper (Detail 3)
Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom (Detail 1)
Pearls of Wisdom (Detail 3)
Pearls of Wisdom (Detail 4)
Storm in a 'D' cup
Storm in a 'D' cup (detail)
Knit Stitch - A Garden Lost in Time
Knit Stitch - A Garden Lost in Time (Detail)
Knit Stitch Overheard
Knit Stitch - Overheard (Detail)
Shelf Life - Bluebottles
Shelf Life - Buttercups
Shelf Life - Egg Plant
Mountain Track I
Mountain Track II
A Walk Round the Garden I II & III
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Tea in the Garden Strawberries Sugar & Cream
Strawberry Sugar & Cream
A Stitch in Time
Poppy and Alium
Rose and Lily
Tulips in my window
Window Ledge I
Window Ledge II
Window Ledge III
Early Blossom I
Early Blossom I Detail 1
Early Blossom I Detail 2
Early Blossom I Detail 3
Early Blossom I Detail 4
Early Blossom I Detail 5
Early Blossom II
Early Blossom II Detail 1
Early Blossom II Detail 2
Early Blossom II Detail 3
Early Blossom II Detail 4
The Promised Rose Garden
Bedroom Floor
Office Floor
Social Climbers
Rose Arbour
Project for Exhibition 2008 - A Dance to the Music of Time
A Dance to the Music of Time Detail 1
A Dance to the Music of Time Detail 2
Indian Summer I & II
Indian Summer
The Blue City of Jodhpur
Through the Tulips
Cityscape I
Cityscape II
A Marigold Bowl
A Michaelmas Bowl
A Rose Bowl
Indian Summer x4
Farewell to Summer
The Last Rose of Summer
Underground 1
Underground 1 Detail 1
Underground 2
Underground 2 Detail 1
Cityscape III
Cityscape IV
Over the Top at Chelsea
Bouquet of Tulips
Indian Garden
Indian Market
Indian Wedding
Project for 2006 Exhibition - A Kite for the only Gay in the Village
Chelsea Girls 1
Chelsea Girls 2
Flowers 1
Flowers 2
Aliums Detail 1
Aliums Detail 2
A Bed of Roses
Stitching drove her crazy
Project for 2004 Exhibition - Karen
Brooch 1
Brooch 2
Brooch 3
Brooch 4
Brooch 5
Brooch 6
Cards and Pendants 1
Cards and Pendants 2
Cards and Pendants 3
Cards and Pendants 4
Greetings Card 3
Greetings Card 4
Greetings Card 5
Greetings Card 6
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