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Ramster Exhibition 2007
Please "click" on any 'thumbnail' image to see an enlarged image and start a slide show of all images.
During the slideshow, please use the controls at the foot of each image to pause the slides, move to the next, or previous, slide or return to the index page of all the 'thumbnails'.
The Ramster Poster
Chris Bojan - Lotus Flowers III
Chris Bojan - Slippers I
Chris Bojan - Trees of life II
Chris Bonnett - Cameron's Journey, Heligan, Scotland in Winter
Chris Bonnett - Cameron's Journey Detail
Chris Bonnett - Heligan Detail
Chris Bonnett - Scotland in Winter Detail
Eileen Beales - Glasseyes
Eileen Beales - Caprice swimming
Eileen Beales - Pia on the rock
Eileen Beales - Under the water, under the sea
Eileen Beales - Making Waves
Eileen Beales - Plenty more fish in the sea
Irene Martin - Autumn in Duck End Green I
Irene Martin - Peony
Karen Ives - Gazania, Helianthus & Passiflora
Wendy Greene - Chelsea Girls I
Wendy Greene - Chelsea Girls II
Wendy Greene - Through the Tulips
Dot Reed - Jasmine
Dot Reed - Lotus Bud
Dot Reed - Tiger Lily
Zoe Cox - Sea of Gold
Zoe Cox - You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It
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