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Hyde Hall 2015 Exhibition
Please "click" on any 'thumbnail' image to see an enlarged image and start a slide show of all images.
During the slideshow, please use the controls at the foot of each image to pause the slides, move to the next, or previous, slide or return to the index page of all the 'thumbnails'.
RitaTLC in the flower beds
Chris Bonnett Stop Thief
Karen Fragile Garden
Karen Memories of Nanny G
Karen Memories of Nanny P
Eileen Poppy Field
Chris Bonnett Pink Hare Day
Rita TLC for the pond
Rita garden sketchbook 1
Rita garden sketchbook 2
Rita garden sketchbook 3
Rita garden sketchbook 4
Rita garden sketchbook 5
Ann Old Crow 1
Ann Old Crow 2
Ann Old Crow 4
Ann Old Crow 3
Dot Reed Rising Blooms
Dot Reed Veg Talk
Elizabeth Taylor Waistcoat
Elizabeth Taylor Scarf
Tabatha Poppies with Barbed Wire
Tabatha Daisies and Barbed Wire
Tabatha Roses and Barbed Wire
Eileen Earths Treasures Sunflowers
Eileen Earths Treasures Aliums
Eileen Earths Treasures White Daisies
Eileen Earths Treasures Hearts
Chris Bojan Leaf Life
Eileen Landscapes Hillside Flowers
Eileen Landscapes Lavender
Eileen Landscapes Poppy Fields
Eileen Landscapes Sunflowers
Eileen Viola
Eileen Landscapes By The Sea
Chris Bonnett Foxy Lady
Rita From Root to Tip 1
Dot Reed Florrie Bunder
Rita From Root to Tip 2
Chris Bonnett Moon Gazing Hare
Chris Bojan Alliums
Wendy Coming Up Roses
Eileen Seasonal Flowers Japanese Anemome
Eileen Seasonal Flowers Poppy
Eileen Seasonal Flowers Tulip
Eileen Seasonal Flowers Snowdrops
Wendy The Lonely Little Petunia
Liz Burning Embers 2
Liz Fading Memories 2
Liz A Glimpse of Red 2
Chris BojanTulips
Elizabeth Taylor Sunflower Jacket
Chris Bojan Still Life in the Old Canvas
Wendy Silver ServiceFinal
Wendy Silver Service Final
Wendy Losing the Plot to the Dandelions Final
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