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Hyde Hall Exhibition 2010
Please "click" on any 'thumbnail' image to see an enlarged image and start a slide show of all images.
During the slideshow, please use the controls at the foot of each image to pause the slides, move to the next, or previous, slide or return to the index page of all the 'thumbnails'.
Margaret - Clematis
Eileen - Annie & Florence
Eileen - Escape to the Country - Summer Day
Eileen - Escape to the Country - Summer Fields
Eileen - Escape to the Country - Snowy Day
Eileen - Sunny Side Up!
Eileen - In the Pink
Eileen - Midnight Blues
Eileen - Lavender Field
Eileen - Lavender Time
Eileen - Lavender Blue
Eileen - Lavender Lines
Chris Bojan - Floribunda
Chris Bojan - Dandelions I
Chris Bojan - Dandelions II
Chris Bojan - Feathered friends
Chris Bonnett - Through the eys of a Child
Chris Bonnett - In the Night Garden
Chris Bonnett - Over the Rainbow
Chris Bonnett - Hedgerow
Ann - Homage to Frida I
Zoe - Poppy Pastiche
Zoe - Portrait of a Poppy 1
Zoe - Portrait of a Poppy 3
Zoe - Whoops Three Daisies I
Zoe - Whoops Three Daisies II
Zoe - Whoops Three Daisies III
Wendy - A Stich in Time
Wendy - Tea in the Garden Strawberries Sugar & Cream
Wendy - Rose and Lily
Karen - Oiseau en papier I
Karen - Oiseau en papier III
Karen - Oiseau en papier IV
Karen - Oiseau en papier V
Karen - Oiseau en papier VI
Karen - Oiseau en papier VII
Karen - Oiseau en papier VIII
Rita - Poppy Field
Rita - Poppy Heads
Rita - Fractured pod
Rita - Gossamer head
Rita - Five into one
Rita - Seed pod
Rita - Transparency
Rita - Fragile pod
Rita - Skeletal pod
Irene - Where have all the flowers gone I
Irene - Where have all the flowers gone II
Irene - Poppies
Irene - Fantin-Latour
Irene - Echinacea
Tabatha - the Spirit of the Garden
Tabatha -Wild and Carefree
Tabatha - Wishes in the Wind
Liz Nicholls - Too many pieces
Liz Nicholls - Collage Dress 1
Liz Nicholls - Collage Dress 2
Dot - Autumn Jacket
Dot - Spring Screen
Dot - Two be seated
Dot - Sweet Things
Dot - Close call
Dot - Your place or mine
Elizabeth Taylor - Digital Dawn
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