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Elizabeth Taylor
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Scraps of Encouragement Bird
Scraps of Encouragement Fish
Scraps of Encouragement Fleur de Lys
Scraps of Encouragement Flowers
Scraps of Encouragement Mythical Man Beast
Scraps of Encouragement Peacock
Scraps of Encouragement Prancing Dear
Flights of Fancy Mercury's Boot
Butterfly Elizabeth
Sunflower Jacket
Caught in the Drift - The Silver Darlings
Drifted In
Drifting In and Drifting Round
On The Hook
Three Pieces
Knit Stitch - Magic Mushroom
Knit Stitch - Magic Mushroom (Detail)
Knit Stitch - Was it the mushrooms we ate for dinner
Knit Stitch - Curious Gills I
Knit Stitch - Curious Gills I (Detail)
Knit Stitch - Curious Gills II
Shelf Life - Would You Really Eat Me
Bikini Atoll
Falling Leaves
Mineral Flow
Curved Apple
Digital Dawn
Green Man
Chrysanthemum Detail
Tree Bark 1
Tree Bark 2
Tree Bark 2 Detail
Tree Bark 3
Tree Bark 4
Tree Basque
Tree Basque Detail
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