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Chris Bonnett
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Knot Garden 1
Knot Garden 2
Knot Garden 3
Faded Dreams
It's Never Too Late To Look Your Best
Put Your Heart Into It
Foxy Lady
Moon Gazing Hare
Pink Hare Day
Stop Thief
An Ear for Music
Sutton Who (1)
Sutton Who (Detail 1)
Sutton Who (Detail 2)
Sutton Who (Detail 3)
Mad March Hare II
The Queen's Croquet Ground
Waiting for this Moment
Waiting for this Moment (detail 2)
Waiting for this Moment (detail)
Knit Stitch - Glimpses of Alice
Knit Stitch - Glimpses of Alice (Section)
Knit Stitch - Glimpses of Alice (Detail 2)
Knit Stitch - Glimpses of Alice (Detail 3)
Knit Stitch - Glimpses of Alice (Detail 4)
Knit Stitch - Jar of Hearts
Knit Stitch - Jar of Hearts (Detail)
Knit Stitch - Mad March Hare
Knit Stitch - Queen of Hearts
Knit Stitch - Queen of Hearts (Head)
Shelf Life - Who Stole the Tart
Through the eys of a Child
In the Night Garden
Over the Rainbow
Avocet Norfolk
A Backward Glance
A Backward Glance Close up
3 Squared
3 Squared Close Up
Heart full of Memories I, II & III
Heart full of memories I
Heart full of memories II
Heart full of memories III
Project for Exhibition 2008 - Swan Lake
Swan Lake Detail 1
Swan Lake Detail 2
Swan Lake Work-in-progress 1
Swan Lake Work-in-progress 2
Dolly Mixtures I
Dolly Mixtures II
Dolly Mixtures III
Scotland in Winter I
Scotland in Winter II
Scotland in Winter III
Scotland in Winter IV
Scotland's Magic
Time goes by
Wings on her heels
Secrets of Venice
Cameron's Journey, Heligan, Scotland in Winter
Cameron's Journey Detail
Heligan Detail
Scotland in Winter Detail
Heligan Heybridge & Cameron's Journey
Heybridge detail I
Heybridge detail II
Project for exhibition 2006 - A Kite for Ann Summers
Project for exhibition 2004 - Chris Bonnett
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